GoodWAN Technology

Meaningful messages sent by independent sensors are the spotlight of GoodWAN technology.

GoodWAN Technology
Key Advantages

Short Packets

The shortest data packets are used to transmit messages, which ensure the maximum possible ‘energy’ of each information bit and allow, with other things being equal, to provide the maximum reach and stability of communication.

Interference Immune Receiver

Special communication protocol and professional receiver were developed to receive messages. The latter is able to receive multiple channels simultaneously and provide very high noise immunity along with necessary sensitivity , which is fundamentally important in the ISM band.

Hopping Channels

Special protocol of ‘hopping’ communication channels is applied on physical level. It uses the entire allowed ISM bandwidths with no need for individual bands frequency planning inside it. This makes it possible to reduce the effect of randomly overlapping signals from other systems deployed in the same area and greatly increases noise immunity.

Encryption in the User’s Mobile Device

The system is maximum secure as the data packets are encryptedÄdecrypted in the user’s mobile device itself.

Downlink Channel

Reach symmetric downlink channel.

Low Cost of Base Stations

As well as cheap end devices able to create proprietary networks.

GoodWAN — the communication quality parameters unreachable by competitors.

Combination of different methods of signal transmission; diversified tasks, proprietary designed data transfer protocols as well as unique solutions for information security.

GoodWAN is the perfect solution

For monitoring at long distances and collecting data from a big amount of sensors. It is crucial if the low price of equipment and low maintenance costs of the base stations network along with unlimited geographic scaling are important.