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We provide quality service
The GoodWAN platform is a web cloud service with a user's personal account. We help solve any problem of fault tolerance and scaling.
Servers are located in the data center and guarantee the highest reliability and availability of the platform
Learn more about the capabilities of the GoodWAN platform
Add new network gateways, set up data processing rules and view information from various devices. Use widgets and layered maps to easily display information
Manage your devices and base stations in your personal account
Grafana is a multi-platform open-source web application that allows you to connect a huge number of convenient widgets developed by the user community
Use an open-source application for advanced analytics
Informing channels can be focused on human reaction - Email, Telegram messenger, and on processing using automatic systems - web services, MQTT, Kafka, integration with SCADA systems via OPC server
Receive real-time situational notifications from your devices
In your personal account, you can add new devices, view information from them and set simple response rules for receiving notifications on your mobile device
Personal account
The GoodWAN platform is built with data-intensive processing in mind and easily scales to your desired performance
Scalable platform
If there are restrictions on the use of cloud services or strict information security police, you can install the server in the corporate network. Any software edition can be connected locally using USB to the base station
The network server can be installed in the corporate network
Software adapted for different applications
Choose the right level of support
For providers, a special edition is available with a module for calculating the volume of services rendered. Cloud service support included in the subscription price
Support from 8 AM to 0 PM local time all days of the week. Response time - 4 hours, faults are eliminated with the highest priority
Required for next levels of support.) The first year is included in the cost of a local license
Support from 10 AM to 6 PM local time. Response time - NBD, the time and priority of troubleshooting is not regulated
Annual Subscription
Standard rate
Extended tariff
24x7 support and warranty service are discussed on a case-by-case basis
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