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Monitor remotely anything that matters

Smart cities
Monitor water levels on on embankments and in sewers, receive alerts for open manholes, tilting poles and billboards, and monitor waste bins and ecology parameters
Smart Agriculture
Monitor soil temperature & humidity, air temperature & humidity, atmosphere pressure, CO2, wind speed and direction in your warehouses and outdoors. Track working of equipment and collect info from offline assets with universal modems
Smart buildings and offices
Manage your indoor climate - air quality, comfortable temperature and humidity. Manage safety and prevent problems like water leakage, fires, etc. Conduct wireless inventory with a small tags
Industrial buildings
Keep employees safe and conduct inventories wirelessly, track your assets, monitor equipment and environmental parameters
Water level sensors can help you monitor waterlogging. Inclinometers help you keep track angles of different objects. Collect information with universal modems, track opening of electrical and low voltage cabinets
Waste management
Receive an alert when waste containers are filled and emptied. Monitor the temperature inside the bins and prevent fires. Devices are suitable for all types of bins
Получайте данные о состоянии атмосферы: температуре, влажности воздуха, атмосферном давление, скорости и направление силы ветра, опасных летучих органических соединениях, СО2 и вредных газах

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Охрана периметра
Контролируйте помещения и объекты с помощью беспроводных инфракрасных шторок, датчиков движения, открытия дверей и вскрытия люков. При тревожных вызовах сообщения повторяются несколько раз

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Gain information on atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, hazardous volatile organic compounds, CO2 and harmful gases
Perimeter Security
Monitor premises and facilities using wireless infrared curtains, motion detectors, door openers and intruders. Repeat alarm messages repeatedly in the event of an alarm
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