BLE tag for personnel monitoring

The BLE tag can be produced in various form factors and have different functionality.
The tag works together with the BLE LPWAN anchor repeater. Anchors mark the location zones on the territory of the enterprise. The tag allows you to track which zones and at what time the employees visited. Some zones can be declared as forbidden, and an alarm signal is transmitted immediately if somebody entering them. The basic functionality of the label is the zoning of employees on the territory of the enterprise. In this mode, depending on the form factor, the tag can work up to 2 - 3 years from the built-in battery. Additionally, the label in the body of an access card can also have the functionality of a regular wigand card. Also, the tag can be equipped with an accelerometer, which will allow you to control sleep at the workplace or the complete immobility of an employee wearing a tag. If it is necessary to control the presence of protective equipment on an employee, a number of tags can be combined into a set and send an alarm if one of the tags of the set is missing. For example: 2 mittens, 2 boots, overalls, helmet, belt, gas mask etc.
We have developed special software that allows you to view the logs of the tags movement and generate reports - in the context of zones, tags and or general
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