Best practices in the electronics contract manufacturing industry

Share experiences in managing the programming and testing of devices in production
Earlier today, the industry conference 'Best Practices in Electronics Contract Manufacturing' was held in Moscow, where Eugene Konstantinov presented the cloud-based GoodWAN programmer to the expert community. We, as well as other manufacturers, that use contract manufacturing in their business processes, face a number of problems:
Frequent firmware releases - we have to manage the programming process and keep track of firmware versions
Wide range of devices requires unification in terms of testing and programming. Mandatory testing of consumption of all devices
Peculiarities of programming of network devices (network address, encryption keys)
Formalization and automation of the testing and programming process
Exclusion of manual work and process control
In order to solve these problems we have developed in our company a software-hardware complex "Test and Programming Control System". The system solves the following tasks:
Storage of release firmware (history of changes, hashes, subdivision into categories).
Information on correspondence of hardware modules to the firmware
Creation of test scenarios with consumption verification (dynamic range 100nA - 1A)
Logging of all test and programming results
Automatic generation of network address, encryption keys on server with flashing to device memory
You can watch the interview with Evgeniy Konstantinov on YouTube channel "Modern Electronics"
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