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GoodWAN and IDS Borjomi Russia launched a pilot project in Moscow to improve logistics in branded refrigeration cases
IDS Borjomi Russia is a part of international company IDS Borjomi International that unites production companies in Georgia, Ukraine and Russia and holds leading positions among drinking water brands in CIS and Baltic countries. IDS Borjomi Russia is the leader and one of the most dynamically developing companies in the Russian market of bottled water. The company 's portfolio includes legendary brand Borjomi with 130-year history, brand № 1 in the market - "Saint Istochnik" and brand "Edelweiss". 
IDS Borjomi Russia has a wide distribution that allows it to deliver its products all over the country. There is a network of the company's own branches located in strategically important cities of the country as well as a large number of trading partners. Well-organised logistics system allows each retailer cooperating with IDS Borjomi Russia to deliver the product promptly and easily.
IDS Borjomi Russia has its own wide network of branded refrigerated cabinets installed in various retail shops in Moscow. By the order of IDS Borjomi Russia GoodWAN developed a device that allows it to control the number of refrigerated display cabinet door openings. During the pilot project, the devices were installed in a number of refrigerated cabinets. Thanks to GoodWAN's established data collection network in Moscow, no additional devices needed to be installed. The devices are independent, run on a built-in battery and transmit information over a radio channel in the 868 MHz band. Installing the devices is very simple and takes only a few minutes.
Signals from the devices are collected in the cloud service and provide complete statistics on the number of door openings by day of the week and by hour. This makes it possible to analyse the information collected and prioritise tasks for sales representatives. Ultimately, the use of devices should make it possible to further optimise the logistics of deliveries to retail outlets. 
GoodWAN is a Russian developer of devices for the Internet of Things. We create devices for the smart city, agrosphere, retail and other spheres. In 2021 GoodWAN was named one of the world's top 100 digital start-ups by SLINGSHOT ASIA 2021. GoodWAN's devices help to create a comfortable environment for the company, its employees, and even an entire city
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