For five years now, our wireless devices and devices have been making your life better. They monitor the level of leaning poles, antennas and trees and tell you when rubbish bins are full and should be removed, monitor the water level in the sewers and tell you that manhole covers are in place. Temperature, humidity, air quality, and air pressure devices Professional environmental monitoring stations give a complete picture on a multitude of parameters and control the content of hazardous chemicals in the air.

During these five years we have developed more than 20 devices, our devices are used in more than 50 cities in our country by companies from different sectors - retailers, banks, industrial and agricultural enterprises. Our products are also exported to various countries - the Eurasian Economic Union, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our technology is the basis for the OpenUNB preliminary open national standard. The company's products are included in the TORP register of Russian-made telecommunications equipment;

In 2021 we were named one of the world's top 100 technology start-ups by Slingshot ASIA.

We have created and patented new technologies that break into our life and make it better
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