Antenna ANT-807M

Antenna ANT-807M is a collinear 2 by 5/8 lambda radiating system with gamma matching (j-shaped antenna). The antenna is DC grounded and does not have protruding counterweights due to the use of a quarter-wave cut-off glass. It has a robust design that does not require the use of expensive lightning protection devices (lightning arresters). Resistant to weathering and UV radiation, which ensures a long service life and reliable operation.
The antenna, as a rule, is used as a "base" in data collection systems, where remote objects are located in different directions from the "base" - it equally receives signals from all directions. You can also use this antenna on remote objects, if the distance from the base is small (up to 2...3 km) and it makes no sense to use more expensive directional antennas with high gain.
The antenna has overall dimensions of 650x75x40 mm and is designed for installation on a vertical pipe (mast or bracket) with a diameter of up to 42 mm on a roof or on a wall.
The antenna is equipped with an N-type connector for connecting an antenna feeder (cable). The feeder is not included in the scope of delivery - order the feeder of the required length additionally.

Frequency range: 820...890 MHz
SWR in the operating range: no more than 1.5
Gain: 7.0 dBi
Polarization: vertical
Wave impedance: 50 ohm
Maximum input power: 50 W
Connector: N-female
Permissible wind speed: 50 m/s
Dimensions: 650x75x40 mm
Weight: 400 g
Protective flask material: PVC
Cup material: aluminum
Mounting material: steel
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