Network Mini Gateway M14

  • Provides reception of messages from end devices over the air and their transmission to the Goodwan server
  • Can receive up to 880,000 messages per day at maximum range. If the sensors send a signal once an hour, the gateway can receive a signal from up to 40,000 sensors
  • Adapted to all weather conditions.
  • 2G/4G UPLINK channel, optional Ethernet
  • Numerous power connection options, including solar power
  • After power on, the gateway is self-configuring and does not require additional software for management, and also does not require configuration and preventive maintenance
  • The organization of the system allows you to arrange several stations side by side to increase the overall throughput
  • It is recommended to use A 10-868 or AN-807M antenna

Operating temperature: -40 to +80°C
Ingress Protection Code: IP67
Power system type: external
Rated supply voltage: 4-15 V
Power Consumption: 10W
Receiving antenna: external
External antenna connector: N-male
Frequency range for receiving messages from end devices: 863.0–870.0 MHz
Processed bandwidth for receiving messages from endpoint devices: 92 kHz
Sensitivity: -134 dBm
Adjacent channel selectivity: 45 dB
Selectivity for blocking interference: 60 dB
Intermodulation selectivity: 80 dB
Dynamic Range: 45 dB
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