Manhole cover position sensor (inclinometer)

  • The antenna is specially designed to work from under the hatch cover. Works even from a completely metal environment - on hatches with installed pods
  • Designed to detect the fact of a shift or opening of the hatch cover
  • Demanded to control the opening of hatches for cable, waste and storm sewers
  • For control, a specially tuned accelerometer is used, which does not respond to vibration from passing cars
  • There are several versions of the sensor housing (selected individually for the task)
  • Sensors can work in LPWAN, as well as in a two-layer system, where sensors use the BLE protocol to communicate with a repeater, which in turn transmits a signal to LPWAN
  • Powered by an ER14505 battery (included) rated for 50,000 messages, guaranteeing a minimum of 5 years of operation (one message per hour)


Cover opening detection time: 800 ms
Time of detection of the fact of opening the cover and transmission over the radio channel: 2,000 ms
Operating temperature: -40 to +60°C
Ingress Protection Code: IP67
Power system type: autonomous
Supply voltage: 3.6V
Battery type: ER 14 505
Frequency range: 863.0-870.0 MHz
Transmitter output power: 25mW
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