Universal garbage bin sensor

  • Based on the principle of an «infrared shutter». «Infrared shutter» has no dead zone and does not freeze on cold
  • Not sensitive to dirt and pierces through it, as well as stuck paper or several layers of polyethylene
  • Works with any type of municipal solid waste. Suitable for various containers and small bins - 0.8 m³, 1.1 m³, 8 m³ boats, 20 m³ and many others.
  • Maintenance free (turned on and forgot)
  • Sealed, weatherproof, IP68, flame resistant
  • Powered by built-in ER14505 battery ready for 50,000 messages, guaranteeing a minimum of 5 years of operation
  • The flattest and most damage-resistant sensor on the market, thanks to its streamlined shape and rugged housing
  • Consists of two parts, each one installs on the opposite wall of the container.
  • Measures the temperature in the container and signals its sharp increase, for example, in case of fire

The sensor consists of two parts, each has a sealed housing: the first part provides periodic illumination in the infrared (hereinafter IR) range towards the opposite wall of the container. The second part - receives the IR lighting, determines the filling of the bin and transmits a signal over radio channel. Both parts placed on the walls of the container at a height of 10-20 cm from the top edge. Depending on the configuration, the sensors can be placed outside and inside the container wall.
The sensor uses the IR shutter principle - it performs periodic (once every 60 seconds) control of the overlap of the conditional horizontal plane created by the IR emitters of the sensor (the first part of the sensor). If most of the conditional horizontal plane is blocked for more than 5 minutes, then the sensor considers the container is full.
A QR code on the back of the sensor allows linking it to various monitoring systems of service providers.
In addition, GoodWAN provides its own cloud solution suitable for commercial customers who do not need redundant functionality. The software allows you to create a multi-level map and link sensors to it at container sites. After that, the current state of the site and each container is displayed on the online map. You can build various reports on the fullness of containers, dates and times of container service. Detect violation of export regulations, etc.


Maximum width and length of the waste container: 5 m
Maximum dumpster height: unlimited
Container fullness detection time: 5 min
Container empty detection time: 5 min
Operating temperature: -40 to +80°C
Ingress Protection Code: IP68
Power system type: autonomous
Supply voltage: 3.6V
Battery type: ER 14 505
Frequency range: 863.0-870.0 MHz
Transmitter output power: 25mW
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