Business with Goodwan

GoodWAN develops its Partner Ecosystem in four main areas:

Telecom Service Provider

You are a service provider looking into the possibility to increase your business income by selling new and additional services. We build a network together with service providers to ensure global availability of our technology, as well as providing large-scale solutions to the customers as per the service model.


You are developing complex integrated business solutions. You are well aware of your customers’ process flows and implement relevant automation solutions. We will help you integrate the GoodWAN technology into your solutions, thus expanding their capabilities.


You are developing and manufacturing various subscriber devices and process equipment. We will provide you with new opportunities for equipment monitoring and management. We will create new modifications of detectors, sensors, various subscriber devices and ensure ease of installation and serviceability.


You are a software developer. We will be glad to work together on the expansion capabilities of your software. You will also join our Ecosystem as an authorized developer and get an opportunity to take part in our projects.

Who can become a partner

Any company interested in creating products and services based on our technology can become a GoodWAN partner. We are open for cooperation with companies of any size.